A trio of cans (for debris, recycling, and compost)

A walk in our nearby village of Le Bic found this remarkable trio of cans.

On the far left is the trash can, with the frowling image.  The middle can is the recycling bin, with the salute image.  The smiling image is reserved for the compost bin.  Delightful!

We don’t use our compost bin much, as we have the handy compost in place site down pat (it’s over the fence, easily covered with a bit of soil, as needed.  We also have the chicken manure and horse manure site, too, so we have compost covered.

Woody, who’s now an old boy at almost 11, is learning how to go up and down a ramp to our cars.  His leg that had the draconian knee ligament reconstruction for big dogs has finally gotten problematic (he was lucky it took this long).

Down is easy, sometimes I have to demonstrate going up for him to follow!

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