Airports aren’t usually plant-friendly places, but at least the one in Quebec City is full of windows and exceptionally peaceful for what would seem to be a big-city airport.  I’m on my way to Denver, for the Garden Blogger’s Fling, a favorite annual event that encompasses 3 1/2 days of visiting varied gardens in the company of other garden bloggers — always great fun!   It’s always enjoyable visiting gardens, whether they’re ones I “like” or not.  I always find the garden-making aspects fascinating, too, reflecting the gardener’s inclinations and aesthetic.

Here’s a post that I made recently on my second blog, Places of the Spirit, that’s partially about the Fling.

Driving from Le Bic yesterday, I was listening to Cultivating Place, an excellent podcast, which I have missed listening to, as Coffee Break French has been taking up most of my podcast time.
An interview with Margaret Roach about the updated version of her book A Way to Garden was a perfect example of why I enjoy this podcast so much — the host, Jennifer Jewell, does an exceptional job of bringing forward the multiple reasons that gardeners create gardens.  Another with Bob Hyland was equally interesting.
I’m looking forward to catching up on a few more episodes on my travel segments today!

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