Thanks to Garden Blogging Fling sponsors!

I’ve had fun attending Garden Bloggers Flings now for 8 years, with my 9th to come.  Flings are special –what’s not to like about visiting gardens in the company of other gardeners who write about their gardens?

I was fortunate enough to win a wonderful sponsor-donated piece at last year’s Fling:  this beautiful lantern from Fern Valley Art.  Thanks, Fern Valley Art,  and all the other local sponsors over the years.

After a busy traveling year, my hubbie finally has it firmly secured in place.  We live in an urban, albeit historic neighborhood, so just putting it out there — hmm, that wasn’t going to happen.  It would disappear in a moment.

It’s so beautiful to see it lit up.

Coming home this evening after a workshop, it illuminated the front walk with light and its delightful fern pattern.  There’s nothing not to like about it — it’s beautiful during the day and lovely at night.

During the day, last spring.

It’s totally worth the purchase price!

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