Snow in the forecast

It’s interesting to contemplate our forecast of sleet, ice, and snow for late tomorrow and the next couple of days.  Here in the Southeastern U.S. — snow and ice are big-time events, especially in early December.

But, we’ve been busy over the last weeks preparing for our January trek to Quebec:  winter tires, check; snow gear, check; new hybrid ski-shoes, check; car serviced and examined for winter trip, check.

So we feel more or less prepared for a winter storm.  Ha, my northern winter friends won’t be impressed.  But, perhaps we’ll be able to “practice” in the local school’s parking lot, turning into skids, etc.

We’ve got lots of supplies (as is usual), I’m baking bread tonight, and I did a large roast chicken for dinner (lots of extra), and broth is being made in the Instant Pot.

Thankfully, we don’t need to drive anywhere, can walk to the grocery, if needed, and if the power goes out, well, we’re not that far from downtown, if there’s power there.

And it will be cold enough outside for all of the refrigerator things to be fine and the freezer items would be OK, with a bit of supplemental ice, I think, too.

Maybe this is preparation for our January excursion to Quebec, too; we’ve been trying to “embrace the cold” as my gardening companion likes to say.

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