Lonicera x 'Mandarin' revisited

I’ve been admiring the Mandarin honeysuckle on our arbor;  it was a new plant to me last year, and happily is a sterile cultivar, developed by folks at UBC.

There are other lovely honeysuckles here that aren’t so benign; a delightful-looking bush honeysuckle (Tartarian honeysuckle) now in fruit is apparently a rampant invasive in Ontario, and has popped up in Parc National du Bic and other “wild” places that we’ve visited recently.  It’s not a species that we grow in the SE United States, so I wasn’t familiar with it.  Attractive, but not in relatively undisturbed places.

A closer look at the Mandarin honeysuckle as we left for dinner this evening had us admiring the lovely hue of its flowers.

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